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American Global Sales Update - 14 ABR 2020

Dear Agency Partners,

We temporarily halted the use of NOGO ticket status during a time when our agency partners and customers were unable to change reservations in a timely manner. We hope that this change helped you and your travelers during this challenging time.

Effective April 15, 2020, we will return to the standard NOGO ticket procedure. All ticketed travel occurring on/after April 16, 2020, will return to NOGO status if warranted. VCR status will be updated to NOGO according to ticket type:



  • For Non-refundable fares: Customers are requested to cancel their ticketed flight reservation prior to the ticketed departure time to prevent a NOGO status update
  • For Basic Economy Short Haul: Tickets will automatically go to nogo within 48 hours of the first unflown segment
  • For these tickets that may fall under a waiver or exception policy, you can call Sales Support for assistance within the U.S. and Canada  at 1-800-621-8489. International customers can contact their local Sales Support desk or Reservations. 


We encourage you to rebook travel and utilize the value of your ticket.

Please note, this information can also be found on SalesLink by viewing:



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